Here are 5 best books on HR Analytics. The author hopes that this list of books on HR analytics may prove to be extremely beneficial to organizations, individuals and teams, looking for new and actionable insights in the field of HR Analytics.

Books have always been one of the best sources for seeking comprehensive knowledge and going through an intense learning experience. Though, the options of many byte-sized and multi-media learning modes are available, yet, many of us still prefer to learn through books.

1.0 Introduction

A large number of books on HR analytics are available by eminent authors. Thus, to choose only five out of them, is a very difficult task.

Notwithstanding the above, author has made an attempt to shortlist 5 best books out of them.

This is purely as per the perception of the author.

You may have your own choice regarding the best books on HR analytics.

2.0 5 Best books on HR analytics

The details of the 5 best books are as follows:

2.1 The new HR Analytics: Predicting the Economic Value of Your Human Capital Investments

Books on HR Analytics
Books on HR Analytics (Photo Credit: Amazon)

Originally published in 2010, this is one of the landmark books by Jack Fitz – Enz. We acknowledge Mr. Jack Fitz-Enz , as the father of human capital strategic analysis and measurements.

The author furnishes the following in this book.

– A system of powerful metrics for quantifying the contributions of individual employees to a company’s bottom line

– It also reveals how to predict the value of future human capital investments

– The book contains invaluable models, worksheets, decision making tools and case studies

– A wealth of references cited from thought leaders- Descriptive and Prescriptive Analytics described in detail

2.2 Fundamentals of HR Analytics: A manual on becoming HR Analytical

Books on HR Analytics
Books on HR Analytics (Photo Credit: Amazon)

Three authors – namely, Fermin Diaz, Mark Bussin and Venessa Lee have written this book on HR Analytics jointly. They published it in November, 2019.

A must read by HR students, HR practitioners and HR analytics knowledge seekers. The book may be useful in meeting the following objectives:

– Adding value to organisation’s performance parameters

– Providing practical tips on approaches to connect data to HR policies and practices

– Influencing overall business performance

2.3 Predictive HR Analytics : Mastering the HR Metric

Books on HR Analytics
Books on HR Analytics (Photo Credit: Amazon)

Christen Edwards and Dr Martin R. Edwards have authored this book .

They published it in 2016.

It is beautifully described over 537 pages and in 12 chapters, 6 of which are woven around case studies.

We must bear in mind that case studies assist us in understanding how concepts may be implemented in actual, real-life scenarios. The six other chapters (which are not case studies), the authors have devoted to the following:

– Understanding HR Analytics

– HR Information Systems and Data

– Analysis Strategies- Business Applications: Scenario Modelling and Business cases

– More advanced HR Analytics techniques

– Reflection on HR Analytics: Usage Ethos and Limitations

On the other hand, the six chapters devoted to case studies are on the following topics

– Diversity Analytics

– Employee Surveys and Engagement & Workforce Perception

– Predicting Employee Turnover

– Predicting Employee Performance

– Recruitment & Selection Analytics

– Monitoring the impact of interventions

2.4 Data- Driven HR: How to use Analytics and Metrics to drive performance

Books on HR Analytics (Photo Credit: Amazon)

This is one of the very important books on HR Analytics. The author is Bernard Marr. The publisher is Kagan Page and year of publication 2018.

The book provides a practical guide to human resource professionals, on how they may utilize data ,to improve HR functions and also to ameliorate the efficiency of organizations ,as a whole.

The book also does an excellent job by providing a vivid landscape of technologies and approaches, for HR Analytics. It contains a total of 12 chapters. The topics covered are quite elaborate but at the same time focused.

2.5 People Analytics for Dummies

Books on HR Analytics (Photo Credit: Amazon)

Mr Mike West, the co-founder of the first People Analytics teams at Merck, PetSmart, Google etc, have authored this book.

Later on, Mike West founded his own firm – People Analyst LLC.

Through his experience and research, he could evolve new and innovative perspectives in the field of HR Analytics, especially for small organizations. The book is a must-read for small businesses.

This is indeed a comprehensive book, containing 18 chapters. Each chapter has more than 4 sections.

2.6 Some notable mentions-additional books on HR Analytics

Author is tempted to cite the following two additional books on HR Analytics for the reader’s reference:

Victory through Organizations: Why the war for talent is failing your company and what you can do about it by Dave Ulrich, David Kryscynski, Mike Ulrich, Wayne Brockbank (2017)

Predictive HR Analytics: Mastering the HR Metrics by Edwards & Edwards (2016)

3.0 Apart from reading the books on HR Analytics, how to remain updated in the domain

It is the distinct opinion of the author that the best option before knowledge seekers, practitioners, students and organizational leaders in the field of HR analytics, is to look for blog articles.

As per one estimate, nearly half a dozen articles are being published every week by experts in this field. These blogs cover multi-faceted aspects of HR analytics. Also, these blogs are crisp, focused and give actionable and implementable suggestions.

The other best option is to follow the thought-leaders in the field of HR analytics. Their writings also shed light on recent issues facing the industry and the likely solutions through HR analytics.

If you are looking to upgrade your skills in HR Analytics, you might want to consider a certification in HR Analytics by CHRMP. To learn more click here.

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