Personality: Understanding Behavioral Styles

Personality: Understanding Behavioral Styles

Your personality is what makes you, who you are. It is often thought of as something that arises from within the individual and remains fairly consistent throughout life. However, with constant introspection, people can make changes to their way of living. People may get influenced by the behavior of others over their lifetime; in fact, that attitude or behavior may not necessarily be their own. This may lead to issues in facing reality. Read on as we understand behavioral styles and discuss important concepts on life and living and the impact of social media on the thoughts of people.

Benefits of understanding your personality

Understanding your personality will help you gain greater insights into your behavior and your emotional well-being. Further, understanding your own behavioral styles will make things a lot easier for you to carry yourself forward in life. It will help you to develop better relations, make better career choices, and manage work-related pressure efficiently/effectively.
By work-related pressure, I mean boss pressure, peer pressure, etc. Corporate life may have a lot of ups and downs, and so does personal life. However, when an individual has developed a clarity of their behavioral styles, it’s possible to face, acknowledge, be assertive where required, and glide through the many challenges that life has to offer.

Why is it important for individuals to gain clarity of their thought process?

behavioral styles
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Individuals may be influenced by the behavior of others, such as elders, fictional figures, etc. For example: What we watch on TV can have an impact on the human mind. It’s equally important to discern what is good to watch. Personally, an appropriate program for me to watch is a program on development, humanity, traveling, love, etc. Any other program just doesn’t work for me.
Individuals who tend to imitate figures that do not necessarily align with their natural thinking process may develop long term issues in facing reality.
One example may be a ‘delusional state of mind.’ As in saying, ‘I am better than you.’ While this may seem innocent, the impact it can have on personal relationships, corporate life, Married couples, partners, colleagues, and bosses can be devastating.
So, how did I come to this conclusion, some may ask? My answer is to look up and ask.
The true essence of leading a joyful life is to collaborate with all. Work in harmony, be humble, and glide over the waves. Life can be so much easier if everyone just realized their true purpose in life.
This is why it is important to understand the effect of social media on the human mind. Examples of social media are Facebook, WhatsApp, YouTube. Social media networking is very much needed in this day and age. It is equally important to make a conscious effort and discern what is right from wrong. While to some extent, people may tend to have a conscious mind while watching TV programs or social media. They tend to create some level of effect on the subconscious mind.

Ways by which we can break non-essential patterns

If an individual feels that they need to make a consistent change in their behavior or attitude, with determination and action, an individual can make some consistent change in their behavior or attitude. Developing awareness of oneself by means of constant reflection, working on having thoughts of gratitude, and slowly yet constantly eliminating old beliefs or patterns, which may not be necessary.
Undergoing intensive training sessions; where an individual may have to face certain facts or truth about themselves, indulging with different people, communicating with people of all status. Such mindfulness will empower an individual to contemplate on one’s character and attitude.

behavioral styles
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Socially interacting with various people, on the streets, cafes, colleges, or workplace. There are many ways to look at it. Let’s not stick to one place, but sometimes move out of our comfort zones and communicate with people who are also very different from us.
Interacting with non-like-minded people will open up a boon of ideas and thoughts, which will help reflect on our own thinking. This will gradually help us to reflect on ourselves. Thus, by eliminating old beliefs and patterns and installing new thought patterns, one can accomplish their goals and receive the fruits of their labor for which they are destined.

Study of Behavioural Styles

We can also use various types of psychometric behavioural styles that are available

  • MBTI Personality Styles
  • The Big 5 Personality Styles
  • DISC Personality Styles
  • etc.


We conclude by saying that life is fun and enjoyable. We have friends, colleagues, family, and even strangers to help us progress through life.
We can always let people know, we require assistance and move through life, knowing that we can offer assistance and take help where and when required.
We can make conscious decisions to learn things that assist us and make life useful and happy.
Life is fun. So, let’s make it fun!

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