Why Quick Learning Is Important in Modern Times?

Quick learning is a self-driven and intensely personal strategy to acquire skills and knowledge. The skills and knowledge acquired thus, may be beneficial to your career. It may also enhance your self esteem.

The blog entails in brief, what impact quick learning may have in your personal and professional life. It also touches other important aspects related to quick learning.

1. It may help you to realize your passion

Sometimes it happens that we are not able to do , what we want to do or love to do. It must be remembered that doing what you love to do, will take you to greater heights.

Quick learning , thus, can help you to realize your dream to be a painter, sculptor, poet, writer, or something else.

This will definitely happen if the area chosen by you for quick learning is your passion.

We should also remember that our deepest moments of happiness come, when we achieve success in the area related to our passion.

We also feel overjoyed, when we identify our hidden potential and it is realized through quick learning.

By doing so, we enhance our confidence level. It also brings a feeling of accomplishment and satisfaction in us.

2. It may transform you from a mediocre to an excellent professional at workplace

Quick learning
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If you want to transform yourself from a mediocre to an excellent professional at workplace, the following tips may be useful.

  • Identify the skill or knowledge, you lack at workplace, which otherwise may have made you exceptional.
  • Go full steam for acquiring this skill through quick learning
  • Implement it.

Thus, rapidly learning the skills, urgently required by you, may advance the progress in your career. This may also save you from the long years of mediocre striving on the job.

Quick learning may prove to be a powerful tool to take on new challenges, change careers, and improve the quality of life also.

3. It may help you to stay relevant in modern times

Tyler Cowen in his books “Average is Over” avers that we are living in a world in which the people with hard skills do a lot better than the rest.

Let us now understand what these hard skills are.

Hard skills are teachable and measurable abilities, such as writing, reading, mathematics and computer programming.Some other things which come under this category are : web design, typing, accounting, finance and legal knowledge.Artificial intelligence, engineering and management may also be included in hard skills.

Soft skills on the other hand, are the traits that make you a good employee. These traits are etiquette, communication, listening and getting along with other people as per zety.com.

This is to be noted that for succeeding in life hard and soft skills , both are required.

However, the demand for hard skills are on the rise in modern times.

With the advancement in technology and computerization, the opportunities for medium skilled workers like clerks, travel agents and factory workers are reducing.

Thus, quick learning may help you to stay relevant at workplace.

4. It may help you to upgrade yourself

As per Cambridge dictionary, the latest definition of upgrading is “ To improve the quality or usefulness of something , or change it for something newer, or of a better standard”.

We sometimes feel like we are stuck up in an un escapable situation in our current job.

In such a situation, we should make a personal quick learning plan to foster our growth by upgrading ourselves.

The website evolution.com lists ten skills, working professionals need to upgrade in next 5 years. These are:

  • Oral and written communication skills
  • Micro soft office
  • Micro detailing of plans
  • Problem solving
  • Self motivation and independence
  • Sales expertise
  • Customer service
  • Time management
  • Bilingual or multi lingual expertise
  • Inter personal skills

5. It may help you to learn things, which were very difficult and time consuming few years back

Quick Learning- technology support

Learning a language like Chinese used to be a Herculean task 50 years back. But now advancements in technology such as translation apps, speed-repetition systems to memorize vocabulary, document readers, and podcast libraries have made it much easier to learn.

Hence, the full advantage of advancements in technology and computerization should be taken for quick learning.

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